Health + Safety Measures

April 11, 2022

Health and Safety with Your Cooperation:

·   Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry and exit for guests to use.

·   If you would like to take food home with you, our staff will provide you packaging to package it yourself.

Health and Safety Commitments from our Team:

·  No employee is allowed to work should they display any signs of illness.

·   All employees have been trained on proper sanitation and safety standards, to ensure their health and safety as well as others.

·   Each table is sanitized after each use

·   Menus can be accessed by scanning the QR code on your table.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and patronage. If we determine any guest is not adhering to these guidelines or being rude to our employees, we will kindly ask you to leave. If you have any questions about our health & safety protocols, please contact us at

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