March 8, 2022

Our new Spring Menu is launching Wednesday, March 9th!

There’s something for everyone on our new Spring Menu! We’re  introducing a few classic dishes reinvented with a MILA twist, along with some unique creations we can’t wait for our guests to try. See full menu below!

Gluten Legend:

GF - Gluten Friendly, chance of cross contamination from fryer

NF - Nut Friendly

Artichoke Skillet / $16 (NF)

artichoke cream, preserved lemon, charred scallion, berbere oil, pita

Karaage Bao / $14 (NF)

tofu karaage, hot honey mustard slaw, kewpie mayo, japanese pickled cucumber

Tuna Crispy Rice / $11 (GF + NF)

watermelon akami tuna, sushi rice, kewpie mayo, green onion, sesame

Cauliflower Skillet / $15 (GF + NF)

roasted cauliflower, chermoula, mascarpone, cilantro

Panzanella / $19 (NF)

white sourdough, heirloom tomatoes, grilled nectarines, sherry vinaigrette, balsamic glaze

Fattoush Salad / $21 (NF)

harissa soy curls, romaine, cucumber, radish, cherry tomato, red onion, sabzi, pomegranate, farro, pita chips, pepperoncini dressing

Lasagne / $23  

charred eggplant, truffle, basil cream, chevre, arrabiata sauce, parm

Gochujang Roasted Cauliflower / $18 (GF + NF)

roasted cauliflower, gochujang butter, scallion relish, mascarpone & cannellini puree, farro


Apple Pie Bao / $11

fried bao, apple pie filling, miso butterscotch, creme fraiche, bourbon sugar


Beachland Ballroom | 3OZ / $18

grape-infused Indigenous World gin, strawberry-infused Cocchi Rossa, Junmai Nama sake, strawberry kiwi bitters, sparkling wine syrup, infused grape

Cornerstone | 2OZ / $15

Sheringham rhubarb gin, Marrow amaro, rhubarb + apple syrup, lemon, tonic, sugared rhubarb

Winona Forever | 2OZ/ $16

orangello, mezcal, lime, orgeat, chocolate bitters, chocolate bite

International Spirit Flight / $30

Cazadores blanco Paloma, Herradura Reposado & Montelobos, Mezcal Old Fashioned, ½ oz Mayan Ultra barrel aged tequila

Sake Flight / $60

Junmai Nama, Junmai Nigori, Fraser Valley Renaissance, Junmai Sparkling.

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