2021 Features + Donations

January 26, 2022

Every month we donate a portion of the proceeds from our feature item to an organization within our community. Here are all the organizations we were able to donate to in 2021, thanks to your help!

May: Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary

June: Vancouver Pride Society

July: Urban Native Youth Association

August: Ancient Forest Alliance

September: Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program

October: Chinatown Foundation

November + December: QMUNITY

The Fall 2023 Menu

Our fall 2023 menu features hearty, shareable dishes made with your favourite seasonal ingredients.
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International Women's Day 2023

To honour this International Women's Day, we’re hosting a donation drive for Downtown Eastside Women's Centre!
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The Apple Pie Bao Candle

In collaboration with Kilig Candle Co., we've created an Apple Pie Bao that'll last forever — or at least 50 hours.
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