Natural Wine Lineup

July 5, 2022

Did you know our wine list at MILA is 100% natural? Natural wines have minimal-to-nothing added or removed, and they're not produced with chemicals or machines. They sit apart from ‘conventional’ wines that can have up to 72 additives. This distinction means natural wine is pure grape juice, which is healthier and far more delicious!

From farming to bottling, the winemaking process of natural wines is organic and sustainable, and we're proud to work with the wineries we do.

Our wine list features local and small batch natural wineries, with splashes of international wines. Each wine is unfined and unfiltered, making them all vegan-friendly! Taste all our wines by the glass, bottle, or flight.


4 Kilos Vinicola ‘Motor’ Red

From the island of Mallorca, Spain, this light-bodied red has notes of plum and raspberry with a hint of smokiness (probably from Mallorca being a volcanic island!).

Rigour and Whimsy ‘Edge of Chaos’

We're so excited to have Rigour’s wines on our list because they are wildly experimental and turn out so incredibly delicious! This new release is a blend of Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, and Petit Verdot.

Garden of Granite Malbec

Did you know there is a winery called Garden of Granite right in North Vancouver? Come try a glass of their Malbec, with grapes sourced from Argentina. The wine has notes of blueberries and blackberries with a super juicy palate.


Covert Farms Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon

Crisp and bright, with notes of orange and dried herb and a mineral finish.

Lightning Rock Viognier

You might've heard of this winery for their infamous sparkling wines, but here is something off their white wine list. This viognier is an elegant option, with notes of peach, and aromas of orange blossoms.

A Sunday in August ‘Wonky Gewürztraminer’

Floral and spicy, with ginger, grapefruit, and orange flavours. Not your classic Gewürztraminer, hence the name ‘wonky’!

Coming soon!

Skin-Contacts / Oranges

Thorn & Burrow Skin-Contact Chardonnay

Light tannins, balanced acidity, fresh and bright. The chardonnay sings notes of tangerine and citrus, with undertones of caramel and spices.

Bow & Arrow ‘Melon’

This wine is from Oregon who specialize in making wine from overlooked or forgotten varietals. This one is called ‘Melon de Bourgogne’ or more popularly, Muscadet. Bright and crisp with notes of apple and a hint of salinity.

Scout Riesling

Another favourite of ours from Scout Vineyards. This one is a dry, skin-contact Riesling that tastes like dried apricots, warm spices, bitters, and citrus peel.

Coming soon!

A Sunday in August Pinot Gris

This winery is a pride and joy of the Okanagan. They're known for their experimental flair as they produce the most unique and colourful wines. Try one of their most popular wines — the Pinot Gris, for a light and bright wine that tastes like grapefruit candies and creamsicles!


Plot Wines Malbec Rosé

A dry rosé, with notes of guava and pomegranate, sitting apart from your average rosé!

Okanagan Crush Pad’s Free Form Rosé

Red berry notes that are balanced with mouth-watering acidity levels.

Scout Rosé

Another sought after natural winery in the Okanagan that sells out of their wines way too fast! Luckily we got our hands on our fave ones. This rosé is a blend of Cab Sauv, Gew, Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Muscat producing strawberries and floral aromas with bright acidity.

Daydreamer Rosé

From one of the most talented and accredited winemakers in Canada, Marcus Ansems, this rosé is soft, silky, and juicy.


Indigenous World Winery Sparkling Wine

Dry, bright, and tropical, this sparkling wine is perfectly matched with our sushi rolls!

Poderi Cellario ‘Il Barrusco’

We bring you a red Pet-Nat from Italy! Herbaceous and savoury, with lots of red fruit characteristics. Light and Frizzy. Pair with one of our Italian-inspired dishes for the full experience.

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